Knowledge is power

Nicolas marsaud

The great strength of our time is the ease of access to knowledge. Internet, books, conferences are an unlimited source of knowledge and learning.

I started my training with an exciting experience in the world of the automotive industry. I had the chance to integrate Lean service and work closer to the production. The industry is organized, structured, innovative, and my experience in this world made me understand the importance of structuring and good execution.

I continue my training by the engineering school EFREI Paris, which gave me much more than knowledge. They taught me to learn. They gave me the ability to go beyond my limits and undertake projects that I could never have imagined being young. I am an engineer, specialized in new technologies and management. My studies then brought me to London to work on Math and Algorithms. Exciting experience that allowed me to discover how we learned in other countries.

But knowledge begins with knowing yourself. Mastering one's strengths and weaknesses is a key asset in developing oneself and at the same time helping employees develop, so I turned to the process communication method, which taught me who I was, and how to make better of myself. Process Communication is a model of communication developed by the psychologist Taibi Kahler himself from the School of Transactional Analysis. It offers tools to explain the problems encountered during a communication, solve them and restore communication. Its purpose is to facilitate exchanges between people in the most common communication situations, especially in business.

Passionate about reading, I learned many other methods, such as Hal Erold miracle morning, Lean Stratup ... But also take advantage of courses and certifications provided by startups like Google and Hubspot.

More recently, I joined a MIT training to understand how to innovate. Exchanging with the teachers of this legendary school is for me a great source of motivation and inspiration. Most of the professors have created successful companies and it seems essential to understand their approach to succeed my projects.

You'll understand, I'm keen to learn about everything, about everyone, and about myself.