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Êtes-vous victime de l’usure décisionnelle ?

Le terme « usure décisionnelle » est un phénomène psychologique extrêmement répandu. Cette diminution de la capacité à prendre des décisions se retrouvent en effet autant dans le domaine professionnel que dans le cadre personnel. Pas nécessaire de la connaître pour en subir les conséquences.

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maturité des marques

Introduction au concept de maturité de marque

Longtemps réservée aux enseignes de luxe, la composante « marque » devient aujourd’hui essentielle pour toutes les entreprises, quelles que soient leur taille et leur activité : élément différenciateur majeur, elle joue désormais un rôle d’appropriation et d’authentification.

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- Here's what I've done so far -




Magic amazes us. We therefore created Magic Offices. We use magic to structure business and give offices manager all the tools they need to save time every day.

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I founded Feel & Clic in 2009. A service company specializing in digital transformation and high level software production. Thanks to this journey, I learned a lot and can now leverage it in my day-to-day. I used to advise company to create and execute local or international digital strategy. Feel & Clic had partnerships with companies such as Total, Thales, Axa assistance, The group the post office, Beneteau, UEFA but also with start-ups.



Project manager for Thales IT Department, I work to set up an ECM for the Avionics division. Design, workshop, change management, was my daily mission during this very rich experience. I learn the life of a large company and the importance of working as a team to achieve a successful project.

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I started my professional life with an exciting experience in the world of the car industry. I had the chance to integrate the Lean service and work closer to the production. The industry, standardized, organized, structured, innovative, and my experience in this universe made me understand the importance of the standards, and how a good execution lead to a great quality.

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I joined a MIT training to understand how to innovate. Exchanging with the teachers of this legendary school is for me a great source of motivation and inspiration. Most of the professors have created successful companies and it seems essential to understand their approach to succeed my projects. It was... legen… wait for it… dary !



My educative journey started in the French engineering school – EFREI Paris. I was then able to go over and beyond the simple knowledge : they taught to learn. It gave me the ability to go beyond my limits and undertake projects that I could never imagined to launch. I am an engineer, specialized in new technologies and management. My studies drive me to London, to work on Math and Algorithms. Exciting experience that allowed me to discover how we learned in other countries.



- My operating system -

Balance is for me fundamental to succeed. So, I love to discover, to innovate, to debate, to fail, and to start again. This is  how my life goes on, after family and friends of course.

Positive thinking

Knowledge is power

Start small, grow fast

Drive for the show and putt for the money

Read Every Day

Immortalize the moment

Show must go on

food for thought 



Traveling is forgotten who you are, to find you back

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Nicolas Marsaud
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